The Poet Tree

Quest of life by Nephesh (soul)

A quest of a soul, a journey, an exploration, sometimes a bitter complaint or in-depth admiration and all in between. It is all here in this booklet inspired by Life.

Painting: “Veilig in Gods oogappel”, by Rosanne de Boer, 2006
“Safe and Gods eye apple”.

“Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings.” (Psalm 17:8)

What is a soul?

A strange and fascinating being a soul is. A mystery since our existence. However, another name for it is man or woman, a living creature. A consciousness in a body that is called human. A personality with free will, feelings and ratio. It can suffer, be happy, love, hate, reject, comfort, live and die. Say no to God. All is possible.

This poetry evolves from life. The Tree of life is the Poet Tree. The Tree of life is also part of death. Or rather starts with death. Christ is the Tree of Life, died on it to give life. Life giver.

About me

Due to his Bachelor degree as a teacher History and Geography Jurgen Martin Johann Toonen has lived in Nijmegen since 1986. Born in Kevelaer in 1965 to German/Dutch parents, he migrated to Venray in 1966, where he grew up. Graduating in 1989, he retrained twice: assistent-manager and information system developer. Held different jobs in both directions.

Owns more then 25 years experience as spiritual counselor, specialized in personal crisis management. Is an expert by himself with regard to processing severe trauma. Writes poetry and songs as from his later teen years mostly based on real life experience. Hereby initializing Reality Gospel. Being true and open having a real relationship with yourself, others and God, as a counter against denying, plastic, instant resolving Christianity. In this context he developed the conflict resolution method: “Recognize Reflect Act” (RRA) or “Communication together with God”.

International: Paperback £ 12,60 ($ 15,99)

Netherlands: Paperback € 13,95 incl. (Postnl 2,99)